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The part of the plane passengers can’t see: Flight attendant rest areas

Published: 02.09.2014
Reading time: 7 minutes


THE lights are dimmed, meals have been gobbled up and you’re stating to get very sleepy. As your eyelids get heavier and heavier you notice that one by one, the flight attendants are vanishing, seemingly into thin air.

So have you ever wondered just where they go during those long, draining red-eye flights?

It turns out that while you’re shifting around in your cramped economy class seat in a desperate bid to get more comfortable, they’re headed straight for the dedicated crew rest areas. Wait, wait? Where on Earth are these places?

The rest spots are often hidden away in a secret compartment at the top of the plane, or a compartment in the same main section as the rest of the passengers.

The very mention of these areas is usually met with stone cold silence from airlines, who want to keep their existence top-secret. And we can see why!

Some look so awesome that they rival even the first class experience, with pyjamas, blankets and entertainment units on offer for lucky employees.

It's the one place you can’t pay to get into, and looks like the ultimate way to live the “high” life. Check it out.

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