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The Best place to grow old

Published: 05.10.2014
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The Global Age Watch Index has released a ranking of the best countries in the world to grow old.

There are about 96 countries ranked and countries with green color have a lower rank on the index ranking while countries with red color have a higher rank on the index ranking. The lower the index ranking, the better quality for its older people.

Below is the ranking of the top 10 countries:

The Global AgeWatch Index has released a ranking of the best countries in the world to grow old.

The map about shows how 96 countries ranked. Counties in green have a lower number on the Index ranking, meaning there is a better quality of life for older people. Countries in red have a higher number on the Index ranking, meaning the quality of life for older people is not as good. 

You can view the full list of rankings in table here. Below is a list of the top 10 countries.

1. Norway knocked Sweden out of the top spot in 2014. Here’s why it made number one.

2. Sweden ranked number one in 2013. 

3. Switzerland has the best public transport for older people: 83% people over 50 are satisfied with the local public transportation system.

4. Canada has the the most self-confident population of older people: 100% of residents over 50 feel their life has meaning. 

5. Germany makes up the largest share of the older population out of the ranked European countries, with 27% of all Germans over age 60. 

6. The Netherlands spends the largest share of GDP on public pension plans — every Dutchman over 65 receives a monthly pension of $1,405.

7. Iceland has the lowest poverty/age rate: only 1.6% of Icelanders over 60 earn less than half of the median income.

8. The United States has the largest ageing population of the top 10: 65 million. 

9. Japan has the highest life expectancy out of the top 10: 86 years.

10. New Zealand has the lowest GDP per capita at $25,270.  

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