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The best Clubs in Taiwan-Taipei that you must visit (Part 1)

Published: 19.08.2014
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Have you been to Taiwan? Their night-life is world renowned.
From the setup of the clubs to the drinks and to the crowd, every part is almost perfect.
This part 1 of the best clubs in Taiwan will keep you alert during work.
Let's go into excitement in finding out more about these clubs.


Luxy is a happening and luxurious club, frequented by locals and foreigners alike.
It is often viewed as the go-to club in Taipei for exciting atmosphere and hot people.
It has three main areas, a hip hop room, an electronic/trance room, and a more lounge-type room.
It takes up two floors (the 5th and the 6th), has two private elevators, three bars, and has an abundance of booths.
Decorated with laser lights, and luxurious furniture, it creates an rich and modern feel.
Open on wednesday, friday, and saturday, Luxy often hosts big name people, and regularly has all sorts of events.

Address: 5F, No. 201 Zhongxiao E. Rd., Sector 4, Taipei
Opening Hours:
Wed 10 pm-4:30 am,
Fri/Sat 10 pm- 4:30am
Phone: 0955904600

Photo credit: LUXY
Source: Taiwan Nights


LAVA is located in the basement of the Neo19 building in the buzzling XinYi district.
The young and fashionable crowd hanging out outside Neo19 at night is
usually just getting some fresh air before diving back into the club.

Address: B1, No.22, Songshou Rd.
Opening Hours:
WED-SUN: 22:00-04:00
MRT Station :Taipei City Hall(Shi Zhengfu)
Phone: 0986238288

Photo credit: LAVA
Source: Taiwan Nights


MUSE is a happening and young club, frequented by locals and youngsters
Their hot DJ are really good with their consoles and their biggest asset.
Decorated with Simple designs and concept, it creates a "home-like" feel.
Open on wednesday, friday, and Saturday.
MUSE often create their own events to entertain their protons like game shows

Address: 12F, No.138,Civic Blvd., Songshan District., Taipei City 105
Opening Hours:
WED-SUN: 22:30-04:00
MRT Station: SYS Memorial Hall
Phone: 0925112202

Photo credit: MUSE
Source: Taiwan Nights

#4 ROOM18

Located in the NEO 19 building nearby Warner Village,
Room 18 is one of Taipei's hottest places.
There are always 2 rooms open, 1 for electronic music and 1 for hiphop.
The crowd is so high and friendly, you can just go up and say "hey let's make friend"

Address: B1, No.88, Songren Rd., Taipei
Opening Hours:
WED:10:30 pm - 4:00 am
FRI - SAT:10:30 pm - 4:00 am
Phone: 0958111188

Photo credit: ROOM18
Source: Taiwan Nights


Having the best night view in Taipei’s Xin Yi District our prime location is undefeatable with established food, entertainment and shopping plazas all within a easy walking distance. Club MYST and Rama Thai team up with
Brown Sugar Entertainment Group to form a first-class management company.
We welcome you to enjoy the penthouse of ATT 4 fun with its’ open-air landscape and crystal clear view of Taipei 101.
Upon your visit to this landmark in Taiwan we wish you the time of your life.

Address: Taipei Xinyi District SongShou Rd. #12 9th Fl.
Opening Hours:
Mon-Tue: 9:00 pm-2:30 am
Wed-Thu: 10:00 pm-4:00
Fri-Sat: 10:00 pm-4:30 am
Sun: 9:00 pm-2:30 am
Phone: 0911439997

Photo credit: MYST
Source: Taiwan Nights


While enjoying yourself in the clubs, remember to behave yourself.
The law enforcers in Taiwan has no tolerance for nonsense.
Especially strict on foreigners, they even pin up a Regulations Board outside the clubs.
Under alcohol influence I don't think you can read this clearly.
So it's be suggested to read it here before you travel over. Enjoy your trip and be safe!

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