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Picking your travel partner and getting along together

Published: 06.11.2014
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We get to seen new places, meet new people, try out new things and food when we travel. Every part of this experience is a memory and being able to share this unique experience with someone together is memorable even after the trip has ended. The memory will last a lifetime together.

Therefore it is important to pick a right travel partner else if will ruin your unique travel experience.

1. Experience and expectations
Not everybody is a hiker or a expert traveler. Make sure before you set off to your destination, talk about your goals for the trip, things you want to do and places that you want to visit. Not everyone will hike a mountain to see a sunrise in the early morning. Talk to your travel partner before conflicts and disappointments arise in the trip and become an issue.

2. Travel Style
Are you a spontaneous traveler or an organized one? Are you and your partner the same kind of traveler? Being a different kind of traveler together can easily spoil your trip. Your partner might want to visit specific places within a certain time frame but you just want to wander around exploring the different aspect of the local culture. Make sure that your travel partner has the traveling style as you so the objective of the trip will be similar.

3. Money
Money is the root of all evil. Money breaks relationship. Explain the budget of the trip to your partner, hotel that you will be staying, before the trip. He might be expecting a 5 star hotel while you just want to go on a budget trip by staying in a backpacker's hotel. Set a financial path and let it be clear to you and your travel partner on the things you will be spending on. Things like street food or restaurant. A lot of argument arise from monetary issues, make sure that you and your partner are willing to spend on the same things.

4. Plan B
Remember Murphy's law, anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Expect things to go wrong and keep your temper in check. Before any argument can happen in the trip, try to calm yourselves down. After all you are going to spend time with your travel partner in the next few days. Instead of having an argument and have an awkward trip, solve the problems together as a team. Research on alternative plans and route to destination so there are more choices to choose from. 

5. Break time
Nobody can face a same person for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Even a couple have some private time to themselves. Allocate a free and easy day where the few of your can have some fresh air traveling alone and do the things that only you want to do.

6. Amount of travel partners
Generally, if you are traveling as free and easy, the amount of travelers should be either 3 or lesser. The more travelers you have, the more conflicts are to arise. Everybody is different and its frustrating to accommodate to different people and this can easily spoil your trip.

7. Compromise and communicate 
Communication can avoid conflict when you travel. Talk about problems with your partner and create a memorable experience together. If there's anything bothering you on a trip together, talk it out with him so he will know how your feel and can accommodate to you as well. By building up on this mutual respect, your travel partner will be your best buddy in no time!

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