Join the ice Cream craze in Singapore


Feeling the heat in Singapore?
We have compile a list of ice cream shops worth visiting in Singapore.


The best Clubs in Taiwan-Taipei that you must visit (Part 1)


Have you been to Taiwan? Their night-life is world renowned.
From the setup of the clubs to the drinks and to the crowd, every part is almost perfect.
This part 1 of the best clubs in Taiwan will keep you alert during work.
Let’s go […]



Bangkok, Thailand, also known as the Asian ‘City of Angels’, is full of cultural heritage, beautiful architecture and some weird stuff going on in the back-alleys as well. Bangkok was formerly one of THE most happening […]

6 Hidden Gems You Can Visit at Downtown Seoul


With globalization Seoul has become more complicated and sometimes excessively crowded. At times we might just want some quiet time alone for total relaxation, or longing for uninterrupted time with love ones, but with the […]

Adventure of a lifetime! Couple’s week-long sailing trip turns into 16-year round-the-world voyage


When Clive and Jane Green set sail from Wales, their intended destination was Spain, a relatively short hop over the Atlantic.

Sixteen years later however, and they have only just returned home, having turned their experimental […]

Places to visit before you die (Part 1)

Zhangye Danxia landform in Gansu, ChinaThe rainbow formation is the result of red sandstone and mineral deposits being laid down for over […]

Bangkok’s Hipster Hangout: Dalat Rot Fai


What started out as a small weekend gathering has turned into an impressive display of permanent, brick and mortar shops and cafes, along with a mess of stalls, tents and even pop up bars. Dalat […]

6 Philippine islands you must visit before you can’t walk


For a country with thousands of islands, plus world-class surfing and diving, Philippines is a relatively undiscovered travel destination. Tourism is crucial to the country’s economy, accounting for eight per cent of its GDP, but compare the […]