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One star airline Air Koryo: Worst airline in the world

Published: 17.10.2014
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Air Koryo, North Korean national and only carrier, is the only airline to be given one star rating by Skytrax

It's fleet consists of 25 ancient Soviet Union aircraft that were use in the Cold War era. It only has 14 flight route in 6 countries with Beijing and Shenyang being most frequented destination.

Air Koryo was banned by European Union from flying to Europe due to safety concerns but the ban was lifted in March 2010. Only its newer 2 Russian-made Tupolev Tu-204 are allowed to fly to Europe. 

Today we will have a tour around this one-star airline.

Picture Cockpit of the aircraft

Picture In-flight entertainment: Only one channel which broadcast documentaries about Kim Jong-un.

Picture No overhead compartment onboard

Picture Cabin crew from Air Koryo

Picture In-flight meal

Picture Duty Free Shop

Source: Newsau

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