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Must have travel items

Published: 31.08.2014
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Inflatable Coat Hanger
It may sound like an unnecessary purchase, but if you’re camping, have limited storage or just can’t bear wrinkled clothes on holiday, then these lightweight lovelies could be for you. They blow up in seconds and, with their rotating hooks, can be hung from any available hook or door.

Inflatable Coat Hanger, £6.99 for two, Amazon


Waterproof case
Splash-proof your phone and valuables on the beach, by the pool or even on theme-park water rides by stashing them away in this handy Beachbuoy waterproof case, which protects items to a depth of 16ft.

Prima says: The string handle is long enough to be worn over your neck or shoulder. 

The Beachbuoy - Waterproof case,£14.95, Proporta.co.uk


Relief for bites
Insect bites can ruin a holiday, so beat the itch with this clever device. Tiny and virtually weightless, it generates a mild electrical impulse to your bite, stopping the urge to scratch and so reducing swelling. It’s safe for children over four.

Prima says: With 10,000 clicks, this little gadget will last you for years!

Boots Bite & Sting Relief Click It, £6.99, Boots


Fragrance atomiser
This sleek, refillable atomiser will save valuable space in your suitcase. It can hold up to 50 sprays of your favourite perfume – plenty for a fortnight away. Choose between black, gold, silver or pink.

Prima says: Small enough to fit into your handbag and complies with air-travel liquid restrictions.

Travel Atomiser, £7.99, The Perfume Shop


Digital luggage scale
Say goodbye to excess-baggage charges with this Weigh Me scale, which can weigh luggage up to 30kg in kilos or pounds. It’s the size of a shoehorn and light enough to hardly affect your luggage weight. Batteries are included.

Prima says: If you travel with budget airlines with stingy allowances, this could pay for itself on one trip.

Weigh Me Digital Luggage Scale, £16, Marks & Spencer


Portable door alarm
Perfect for all safety-conscious travellers, particularly women on their own, this light, portable door alarm will help you rest easy. Simply jam the wedge under your door to make it harder to open, and you’ll be alerted by an alarm if anyone tries to get in.

Prima says: The ear-splitting alarm would wake even the deepest of sleepers.

Ila Wedge door alarm, £14.95, www.girlsstuff.co.uk


Solar charger
A usable electrical socket might not always be at hand when your phone or MP3 player runs out of juice. However, in many popular holiday destinations, you're sure of sunshine. This portable solar charger charges a mobile for 35 hours, and iPod for 14 hours and a GPS for one-and-a-half hours, and has adaptors for most devices.

Freeloader PICO Lightweight Solar Charger, £8.99, Maplin

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