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MeoMi Cat Cafe: Cats that will Meow your heart

Published: 24.08.2014
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Attention all cat lovers: 
Meomi Cat Cafe has just opened last Friday (22nd August). Located just around Bugis area or beside Haji lane to be exact, you can chill there and play with the cats once you are done with shopping and movie. Or if you cant find anything to do? Head down and have a cuddly session with the cats.

Meomi Cat cafe is just beside the entrance of Haji lane, a short walk from Bugis MRT. 
The atmosphere is cozy and relaxing. Everything is new as it has just officially opened last Friday (22 Aug).
With all these cute kitties roaming around, your hands are hardly free as you will be trying to grab their attention. 

Admission is $13 for adults with a complementary drink of lime or orange juice for the first hour and $5 for subsequent 30min. There is a special rate for kids below the age of 12 so feel free to bring your kids down and mingle with the kitties. 

They do serve cakes, coffee and hot drinks too.  (Refer to menu below)

Currently Meomi Cat cafe housed 7 adorable cats and they are active and very interactive. These cats will walk towards you asking for attention and someone to play with. 

Out of the 7 adorable cats, Luna was a rescued cat. The name Luna was given because she looked like the anime character "Sailor Moon". 
Other than Luna, they have Coo, Mario, Oreo, Curley, Frowny and Junior.

Head down and create you memorable experiences with these cuddly kitties. I'm sure they will MEOW (melt) your heart.

Below are my personal experience at the cafe.
My personal favorite is Mario. Mario is very playful and you can get his attention easily with the toys they provide at the cafe. Below is a gif of Mario as I try to play with him. 
He looked so cute with his short legs and fat paws which look like nuggets. 

I just love how I spend my entire afternoon slipping coffee, hiding away from the hot sun and playing with these cute cuddly kitties. Definitely will be going back again! 

What your favorite?
Feel free to share on the comment below. 


Operating Hours:
11am to 10pm daily

668 North Bridge Road, Ground Level, Singapore 188801
Bugis MRT Exit B (350m) East West Line
Bugis MRT Exit D (300m) Downtown Line

Phone: 6296 0339
Website: http://www.meomicatcafe.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/meomicatcafe

Exclusive review by Daily Jambo.

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