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Lonely Planet: Singapore Best in Travel for 2015

Published: 21.10.2014
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Travel company, Lonely Planet, has ranked Singapore first place among others as best destination for travel in 2015. Runner up includes countries like Ireland, Republic of Congo, Serbia, Philippines, St Lucia and Morocco and Washington.

Factors that has played a part in this number one ranking are things like hotels, new attractions and National Art Gallery. 

Since Singapore is celebrating its 50th birthday next year, tourists can expect more of Singapore. Singapore Tourism Board estimate visitor arrivals to be at least 16.3 million in 2014 and more can be expected next year with the opening of Sports Hub as there will be a calendar of sporting event. Singapore, for the first time, will get to see major art pieces with the opening of National Gallery next year.

This ranking is based on 3 criteria. Mainly due to the events happening next year, the "Wow" factor and whether if the destination is value for money and family-friendly.

Source: LonelyPlanet 

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