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Published: 18.09.2014
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Get set to immerse yourself in a vibrant world of neon luminescent colours as you dance he night away to electrifying beats of internationally-renowned and Singapore-based DJs at ILLUMI NATION – Asia’s first 
massive glow-in-the-dark paint party, on Saturday, 11 October 2014, 6pm to 3am at Siloso Beach, Sentosa.

Riding on the wave of popular Electronic Dance Music (EDM) festivals and paint parties in USA and Europe, Infinitus Productions is excited to introduce the first-of-its-kind, large-scale themed party concept with a unique luminous paint element to party goers in Singapore and Asia. 

Three of the world’s top DJs – Bingo Players, Dada Life and Martin Solveig, along with up-and-coming Dutch female DJ, Made In June and Singapore-based DJ Stas & Mathias Schell of Rave Republic, DJ Ming and William J, are set to mesmerise revellers with euphoric and mind-blowing electronic dance music for the ultimate party experience.

With some 2,000 litres glow-in-the-dark paint specially imported for this event, experience the power of ILLUMI NATION's paint cannons that blast non-toxic and water-based paint up to 18 meters into the sky, showering revellers with illuminating bursts of neon paint.

Come dressed in white to soak up the colours as paint-gun toting ILLUMI NATION Goddesses in futuristic pulsating LED suits rove the expansive 18,000sqm grounds to splash-paint party-goers, adding colour to a vibrant night of revelry.


Start the night by becoming beacons of light through these fun ILLUMI NATION activities starting from 6pm:

Neon Body Art Shop
Providing an assortment of psychedelic paint colours, watch your body transform into a canvas of neon by artists and manicurists at the Neon Body Art Shop, which offer air-brushed tattoos and glow-in-the-dark nails for the perfect party look for the night. 

“LIVE” Graffiti Art Demonstration
Be captivated by a live graffiti performance and witness a masterpiece come to life as artists dance and paint in sync with the pulsating beats from the DJs.
Grab a friend, take a snapshot and tag "#illuminationSG" & "#BecomeTheLight" via Instagram and stand a chance to walk away with exclusive ILLUMI NATION merchandise.

Get Splashed Zones
Can’t get enough of the paint blast action at the dance zone? Then take control of the colours you desire and go wild illuminating yourself and your friends at the designated Get Splashed Zones!

UV Photo Booth 
Light it up with ILLUMI NATION's very own UV black light photo booth! Strike your best pose and capture your glowing moment of the night in customized photo prints. 
Ever-ready with a paint gun, our ILLUMI NATION Goddesses will be there to add the finishing touches to your photo!

ILLUMI NATION Merchandise Store
Add more shine to your party outfit with limited edition ILLUMI NATION merchandise, which include shades, lanyards, pouches, snapback caps, tank tops and tee-shirts.
Let your creative juices flow at the "DIY Booth" where you can customise your own unique paint splash tee-shirts!

ILLUMI NATION is supported by the following partners: Heineken, Desperados, Bacardi Breezer, Red Bull, Diffracted Visions, Juice, HOT 91.3FM and Canvas.

More information: illumination

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