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How to travel by : Anthony Bourdain

Published: 01.10.2014
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Anthony Michael Bourdain (born June 25, 1956) is an American chef, author, and television personality. He has been traveling for the past decade about 250 days a year.
These are some advises which he offers as a seasoned traveler: 

1. Carry-on
In my carry-on, I keep a notebook, yellow legal pads, headphones and Imodium (a drug to treat diarrhea).
Jacket, pillow can come in handy if you want to sleep comfortably in the plane. 
As for entertainment, iPad is important as there might be boring films on the airplane.

2. Check in your luggage
Checking in your luggage saves you the hassle of cramming them in the overhead compartment.

3. Before getting on the flight
Buying a big pile of magazine and relaxing at the massage chair in the airport. If there's food available, I would buy the local specialty. In Singapore, I would get something from the hawker center and ramen in Tokyo.

4.On the plane
Reading a fiction book set in the location of the place you are going to. It gives many more information than a guidebook as it tends to give you more of those little detail, an emotional sense of the place. It's good to feel romantic about a destination before you arrive. 

5.Never ever try to wheedle your way for an upgrade
I am someone who feel embarrassed wheedling over something. I don't haggle over price and will wander away in shame when someone does that. It's just so embarrassing.

6. Jet lag
Jet lag doesn't concern me as long as I get my sleep. Although getting drunk on the place is temping, I will avoid that. Getting hangover and dehydrated on a long flight can be a painful experience. Usually when I get on the plane, I will take a sleeping pill and sleep through the entire flight.

7. Eating on the plane
I don't understand how people eat every single meal on a long flight. But I prefer not to eat and show up in a new place and be hungry so i can eat at whatever is presented to me when I arrive, even a little street stall will do just fine.

8. Having a good shower
An important consideration to me is a good shower with unlimited supply of hot water. Best-case scenario: a Japanese toilet. Those high-end Japanese toilets that sprinkle hot water in your ass. We take an almost unholy pleasure in that. 

9. Biggest travel splurge
Biggest travel splurge will be those old and restored colonial hotels which belongs to part of the British or French Empire.
Like the Grand d'Angkor in Siem Reap or the Metropole in Hanoi. Drink a cold beverages with a fan overhead in these magnificent hotels makes me feels great especially after being out in the country and camping/staying in a guesthouse.

10. I don't buy souvenirs.
I did that during the first few years of my traveling and rarely do that anymore. It's taking up too much space.

11. Biggest rip-offs in the world
Avoid tourist-trap restaurants in places like Rome or Venice. Places with overwhelming great food will likely get you a bad meal.

12. In the city
I will wake up early and go to the central market. That is when people are shopping for businesses. You get to see the local scene of what the locals are buying and eating. From this, you can get an idea of what is the local taste like.

13. An alternative to finding great food
Go to a number of foodie website with discussion board and say you recently ate the best meal you ever had in the universe, for example rendang in Malaysia. All the annoying foodies will bombard you with angry replies and suggest you a better place to go. 

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