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Hotel Superstitions that travelers need to beware

Published: 11.10.2014
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Some travelers might have felt uneasy or something is watching you when you check into a hotel room for the first time. 
But do you know there are some superstitions to follow to avoid them and have a peaceful night of sleep?
Here we will tell you some superstitions that are believe to avoid "weird" happenings. 

1. Knocking the door 3 Times Before Entering
By knocking the door, you are being respectful and informing them that you are coming in for the night.

2. Make sure you shoes are not properly aligned
After taking off your shoe, make sure that they are not properly placed and aligned. Its believed that they use the direction of your shoe to track you while you are sleeping.
Best is to have you shoe facing the opposite way, it will confuse them.

3. Do not touch the bible, especially if it has been opened
Most hotels have a bible in the drawers somewhere in the room. This bible is considered to be a good luck charm and not for reading. If the bible is flipped open, request for another room immediately. This mean that they might be sharing the room with you.

4. Flush the toilet when you enter the room
Flushing the toilet for the first time is believe to be flushing and removing the negative energy that was left behind.

5. Do not sleep facing the mirror
Mirror attracts negative energy and thus it is consider bad luck sleeping with your feet pointing to the mirror or doorway as good luck will flow away.

6. Open all window and curtain when you enter the room
When you first enter the room, switch on all the lights, draw up all the curtain and if possible, open the window. This will fill the room with positive energy.

7. Put your belongings on bed that no one is sleeping on
If you are alone and given a double bed, place your belongings on the bed that you are not sleeping on. 
A vacant bed is an invitation for them.

8. Book your hotel room early
Chances of getting a spooky room is much higher when you book the hotel room too late or last minute. Hotel staff knows which room is haunted and they will try not to give them out. But if the hotel is fully booked and you are requesting for a room, most likely that room will be given to you.

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