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7 Top SCAMS you need to beware while travelling

Published: 15.09.2014
Reading time: 16 minutes


While travelling and enjoying your holiday, you may be facing some problems. Be prepared so that you will know how to respond and keep yourself safe. Share this top 7 scams with your friends and warn them. 

#1 Magical Taxis

They will bring you for a magical tour around the city. Let you feel the magical feeling to be stuck in a Jam. The meter in the Taxis will magically keep beating like your heart beat do. This is how they make sure they make a maximum profit from you. If you are not sure on the road or journey to your destination, make sure you fix a rate before hopping into the Taxis.

#2 Well Informed Man

This Man knows every single bits of the town, he knows which stores are close and which stores are open.
When you tell them you want to go to a specific location, they will make a call. After they end their call, they will tell you that the place is close and suggest or buy you to another location. Because these places pay them when they bring customers in, either in monetary or fuel. 

#3  The missing lady

This mostly happened to lonely guys. A pretty sweet girl approach you and seems very much interested in you. She will ask if you mind bringing her for some drinks. She then will suggest to bring you to a really nice and chilling bar and order some really cool drinks. After a few minutes, she tell you to wait for her and she will "pretend" to go to the toilet. Ha, and da da, she never comes back. When you see the bill, you will get a shock and this lady will get her commission for bringing you there.

#4 Scratchy Card 

You are approached by a friendly young man to buy a really cheap Scratchy Card. You took out your coin and start scratching and you realised you won a prize. Be it as cheap as a T-shirt to as expensive as a Car, there's always a catch. They usually target people who are alone. You are then being pressured to follow this "friendly" guy to a place to collect the prize. You have two choice, one is to follow him and another is to reject him. To follow him, you're walking into a BIG TRAP. If you do not follow, more people will come by to pressure you. If you are to go with him, this is what you should expect. when you arrive at the destination they will show you a presentation about 0.5 - 2 hours long and sell you some discounted products. If you managed to come out with your wallet intact, you're very good. But you've already lost half of your day for your trip. To prevent this, you just have to lay down your head and walk pass them.

#5 The Special Credit Card Machine

You check with the cashier if they do accept credit cards and yes they do. You hand over your card and usually this people will swipe your card a few times with the different machine they have. Why so?, because they have this machine which capture your data when they swipe it. it's too late when you return home and realised that your credit card's bill do not tally. To prevent this, it's better to pay in cash.

#6 The Mysterious Bike (Part 1)

You rent a bike from a local rental store, they hand you a key and a lock. You then ride the bike to the beaches or the next town near by. Park it by the road side and lock it. Mysteriously when you come back to retrieve your bike, it's nowhere to be seen. You check the next few parking lots thinking if you had remember wrongly but still couldn't find it. This is because most of these bikes are install with a GPS system where the owner can track easily. They then get someone to steal your bike when you're not aware. The one lock and one key you received?, they have multiply duplicated keys. The rental shop will then demand for an expensive price from you for losing the bike. To prevent this, Get your own GPS tracking device as well or a lock.

#7 The Mysterious Bike (Part 2)

You rent a bike and without thinking much, same as the first scenario you ride it to the next beach or town.
when you return the bike the next day, the owner did an inspection and found a dent on the bike. You scratch your head and start thinking when did you get this dent. NO, it was already there at the very moment you rent the bike, you just didn't realised it due to your excitement. They will then demand you to pay for it. Usually you will make the payment because they will hold your passport when you rent the bike. You wouldn't want to miss your flight or the next activity for your trip.

If you are concern enough, Share this with your friends who are travelling away.
The Episode will will give you the tips on how to be safe and enjoy your trip.

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