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Tips on saving your wet phone!

Published: 23.10.2014
Reading time: 8 minutes


Getting you phone wet is a nightmare, but do you know you might have a slight chance to get it working again?
Here are some tips to teach you how to revive your phone.

1.Do not switch on your phone and remove the battery and SIM immediately
If your phone is still on, switch it off and remove the battery. For iPhone users, power down your phone. Powering down your phone and removing the battery prevents it from getting short circuit as water is a conductor of electricity

2. Remove the cover and case you have on your phone
Remove anything on the phone that can trap water. 

3. Blow dry the phone
Use a canned of compressed air or hair dryer and blow dry your phone. Do not use your hair on hot setting as it can overheat some components. Blowing dry the phone only speed up the process, after blowing it dry, its best to leave in submerged in uncooked rice.

4. Leave the photo in a bag/bucket of uncooked rice
Dry rice will absorbed all the moisture from the wet phone. Leave your phone in a sealed zip-lock bag with rice or submerge your phone into a bucket of rice and leave it overnight. 

5. Leave your phone in a sealed zip-lock bag with silica packets
If you don't have any rice at home, try looking for silica packets. Silica packets can be commonly found in new packaging for many items, keep them as they might come in handy next time. Silica packet helps to keep item dry thus leaving them in the sealed bag with your phone can pull the moisture out of the phone.

6. If your gets soaked in salt water, it probably better to flush it with clean water first before drying
As salt water dry up, crystals will be leave behind and it may damage the phone's components. Thus its better to flush out the salt water with fresh water first before trying to dry up the phone.

7. Getting your phone soaked in sugary water will cause corrosion.
After drying your phone, it may work for a while but corrosion are bound to happen and eventually components will fail. Hence its good to back up all your date when possible and be ready to replace your phone.

Photo: (Photograph by J. Muckle/Studio D. Ilustrations by Gabriel Silveira)

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