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Take Underwater Pictures Straight From Your Mask

Published: 01.09.2014
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Underwater cameras are fun, but they aren’t convenient.
The last thing you want to have dragging around in a pouch while exploring deep corals and sharks is a camera.
With the Underwater Digital Camera Swim Mask, you can take pictures using your diving gear. The mask comes with a built-in camera. The lens sits on top of the eye panel, allowing you to literally point and shoot at anything interesting.
Did you want to record an underwater feeding frenzy instead? No problem!
This device let’s you record videos as well.


The waterproof camera has a depth limit of 15 feet. That’s good enough for snorkeling dives and shallow dips in the ocean. Alternatively, you can use the camera mask for pool parties.

32MB is the standard memory that the device comes with. It is extendable up to 32GB using a microSD card.

Underwater Digital Camera Swim Mask | The Gadget Flow

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