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Sony Cybershot DSC-KW11 Selfie Camera Announced

Published: 23.08.2014
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Sony Cybershot DSC-KW11 is a camera designed specifically for Selfies. The Sony Cybershot DSC-KW11 comes with a 19.2 megapixel Exmor RS sensor, the camera can be rotated 180 degrees and it features a 21mm, wide angle lens.


As you can see from the photos, the Sony Cybershot DSC-KW11 is designed to look like a perfume bottle, and it will be available in a range of colors. It comes with a 3.3 inch OLED display, plus WiFi and NFC so you can easily share your selfies.

Sony will launch their new Sony Cybershot DSC-KW11 camera in Asia in October, the device will be available in Pink, green, violet and white, there are no details on pricing as yet.

Sony has not said on whether they intend to launch the Sony Cybershot DSC-KW11 in the U.S. or Europe, as soon as we get some more information, we will let you guys know.

Source Sony (PDF), Ubergizmo

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