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Reasons why you shouldn't buy iPhone 6

Published: 15.09.2014
Reading time: 10 minutes


iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus is set to release in September in Singapore. Online preorders has already began and many companies and telcos has already ran out of stock. 

So what's with all the hype about iPhone 6?

In this article we will tell you the reasons why not to buy an iPhone 6 & 6+.


iPhone 6 that was just release in Sept 2014, had the same specs as a Nexus 4 which was release in 2012. Most of the performance enhancement was just about a bigger screen and a faster processor. 

Even after Apple released so many versions of the iPhone, the biggest weakness is still the battery.
Unlike its competitors, Apple iPhone has a built in battery that is not removable or replaceable unless you know how to DIY it with tools. Having to keep it charging can be annoying and carrying a power bank around to charge it makes it bulky.

On the other hand, Samsung phone now comes with an external battery charging kit that you can easily replace a flat battery with a fully charged one. No more hassle in having to bring a power bank out to charge your phone anymore!

Picture A Samsung phone with external battery kit

External memory
Tired of full memory storage? Or sick of paying extra money just to get more storage space?
iPhone 6 comes with 16 gb, 64 gb and 128gb.
If 16gb is not enough for you, be prepared to pay even more for iPhone 6 with a 64gb storage space.

Whereas if you are using a phone from its competitor, there is no need to fret about running out of storage space as they come with external storage capability where buying an external memory card and slotting it in solves the problem.  Ran out of storage space again? Just get another card!


It is known that iPhone uses iOS that can be quite restrictive and you can't really customize it. Especially for the ladies who likes to customize their phone with cute-looking theme or guys who prefer to have a really cool-looking theme.

In order to be able to use personalized themes on iPhone, you will need to jailbreak it and it is against the term of use of Apple to jailbreak the iPhone.

Another disadvantage about iOS is that it does not support Flash. 
Web based content that uses Flash are unable to run on iOS and this can cause inconvenience to the user at times.


The picture above says it all. By just looking at the cheapest plan for the 16gb model, the iPhone cost more than $500. (Bear in mind that no external storage is available on the iPhone).

And not forgetting to mention that you will have to forgo your 12gb 3G plan (if you are still on one) as you will be automatically 'upgraded' to the 4G 2gb data.

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