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Published: 18.11.2014
Useful mobile add-on that cost only $29
This device, Ditto, has no LCD display, no buttons and no lights. It weighs only 8 grams. All it does is to vibrate when something important is happening. The creator, Bob Olodort from simple matters, former consulting designer for Samsung is ...
Published: 14.11.2014
ViewQwest to start trials on 2Gbps Fiber Network
Singapore ISP ViewQwest will be the world's second residential fiber network that is offering a 2Gbps internet download speed. The 2Gbps internet speed will be available in the first half of 2015 and a handful of its customers will be able to test the 2Gbps ...
Published: 13.11.2014
Wireless version of Beats Solo2 headphone
The most popular headphone in the market, Beats Solo2 headphone will get a wireless version. Beats just unveiled the new Solo2 headphone which is identical to the current Solo2 but without wires.The new Solo2 has a Bluetooth which allows user to wear the ...
Published: 12.11.2014
Fastest bicycle on Earth traveling at 333 KM per Hour
Switzerland's Francois Gissy racing a Ferrari 430 Scuderia at the circuit Paul Ricard with his rocket propelled bike.The bike managed to attain a top speed of 333km/h with 3.1G of acceleration. The thrust from the rocket engine supplied about 4.2 kN (944 ...
Published: 10.11.2014
Apple released tools to deregister iMessage
iMessage has been a common messaging platform for iOS users but if you have recently swap to a non-iOS device, do you know you might not see messages that are sent to you?When you swap to a non-iOS device, the same phone number that you are using is still ...
Published: 09.11.2014
The Top 10 Technology Trends to Watch In 2014
What are the biggest and latest technology that are trending? Let's quickly take a look at what's happening in the technology industry!  1. Space tourismVirgin Galactic is scheduled to become the first private commercial "spaceliner" to blast ...
Published: 07.11.2014
How to bypass Whatsapp's message read
Running away from somebody? Whatsapp finally tells you when your message has been read.This can be good for some people, but bad for some people too. Here is one method to read message without letting the sender know you have read the message. ...
Published: 06.11.2014
Apple devices infected with "WireLurker" Malware in China
Palo Alto Networks Inc has recently discovered that a new malware that can attack and infect Apple's devices and its OS.The malware "WireLurker" is able to install 3rd party application on non jailbroken iOS devices and transmit through infected Macs to ...
Published: 05.11.2014
WhatsApp Finally Tells You When Your Messages Have Been Read!
If  you’re a WhatsApp user, you should see a small but useful change start rolling into the app. As 9to5Mac spotted, the app will now light up its double-check marks blue when a message has been read.If the read receipts don’t ...