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New iOS 8 (8.1.1) update to speed up iPhones

Published: 04.11.2014
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With plenty of problems to kick start iOS 8, Apple has release an update (iOS 8.1.1) to fix bugs and problems that will increase stability and performance improvement for iPad 2 and iPhone 4s.

Before the update, Apple users are experiencing WiFi, battery life and Bluetooth issues for more than a month since the release of iOS 8.

iPad 2 and iPhone 4s suffered the most from iOS 8 as they are the cut off point from the new software but Apple promised that performance improvement will be significant for this 2 devices in this new update.

For the first time ever, Apple will release a beta version of the new update, iOS 8.1.1, before the official launch of the patch.

With iOS 8.1.1 mainly focusing on bug fix, there will not be any new functions or implementation to the devices. 

Source: Forbes

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