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My first selfie: Social media selfies toys for babies

Published: 30.10.2014
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The New Born Fame project created by Laura Cornet, a graduate from Design Academy Eindhoven in the Netherlands allows babies to upload photos, video, locations and status update to social media without them knowing how.

This project was a response to the growing trend of baby selfies being uploaded by parents to social media sites.


In the collection, there is a "selfie ball" which take photos of the baby and motion-tracking shoe and pacifer that track the baby's moment and location. The collection will upload the photos and update automatically to their respective accounts.

Although privacy might be an issue and the baby is not old enough to be aware of it, but if the mother gives the consent, it will be accepted. 

The possibilities to this project will benefit many parents who always leave their baby at a babysitter. With this collections, they are able to see the baby's photo and even keep records of their growing process.

The collection is still in its project phrase but the possibility of it being commercialized is not ruled out.

Source: ibtimes

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