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iOS 8: New Features -Unannounced Improvements to iOS 8 (Part II)

Published: 21.09.2014
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Remember Part I when we show you some of the new features in IOS 8?  There's even more Features in Part II, on the Siri, Camera and other Apps. Let's explore! 

Faster voice recognition 
- Siri now displays what is being spoken on the iPhone or iPad display as it is said, allowing users to get immediate feedback on what the voice assistant is hearing.

Voice activation 
- Saying "Hey Siri" while an iOS device is plugged in will activate Siri, allowing users to give hands-free commands.

Download Apps via Siri 
- Users can now ask Siri to download an app from the App Store, which will initiate an App Store search. Currently Siri cannot open the App Store.

New smart Photo Albums 
- The Photos app has received new organizational options, including two albums for "Recently Added" and "Recently Deleted." The Recently Deleted section temporarily displays images that have been removed from the app in case of accidental deletion and in iOS 8 beta 3, a timer was added to display the amount of time remaining before a photo is deleted. The date and time a photo was taken is also displayed.


Black and white smart adjustments (beta 3) 
- The smart editing tools in the Photos app were updated to add a section for black and white adjustments in iOS 8 beta 3, letting users choose from several black and white presets and adjust Intensity, Neutrals, Tone, and Grain for a customized look.

iCloud Photo Library (beta 4) 
- It's now possible to select a length of time when pausing iCloud Photo Library in the iCloud section of the Settings app.

iCloud Photo Library Beta (GM) 
- Apple demoted iCloud Photo Library back to beta status ahead of the release of iOS 8 and has added a beta tag to the feature in the Settings app. Some users have also reported seeing the removal of iCloud Photo Library from the Settings app entirely.

Migration from iPhoto (beta 4) 
- Users with iPhoto are being notified that they will need to transition their iPhoto data to the new Photos app that will be built into iOS 8. Users will not be able to migrate Journals, Book Layouts, or Slideshows from the iPhoto app.

Last Updated (beta 5) 
- Photos now displays a "Last Updated" notification to let users know when images were last synced to iCloud. There's also an iCloud Photo Settings option to store full resolution photos solely in iCloud while keeping device-optimized versions available on the iPhone to save storage space.


Photo location (beta 5) 
- As of iOS 8 beta 5, the Photos app displays the location where a photo was taken above the photo itself. Photo below depicts photo bar before iOS 8 beta 5 was installed and after.



Time-lapse photography 
- The Camera app has gained a new Time-Lapse mode, which captures a series of images and then compiles them into a time-lapse video. There are also new manual exposure controls, which allow exposure to be selected when taking a photo, and a self-timer mode that can be set for three or 10 seconds.


Panoramic mode for iPad
- Panoramas, previously only available on the iPhone, can now be captured with the iPad with a new Panorama mode in the Camera app on the iPad.

Focus controls 
- iOS 8 separates focus and exposure, allowing users to swipe up or down on the focus box to change the exposure of photos when taking pictures on the iPhone or iPad.

Timer mode 
- There's a new timer function for photos that can be set for three or 10 seconds.

Recover deleted photos 
- In the camera app, when the small preview icon at the bottom of the screen is tapped, it opens up a view that allows previously deleted photos to be recovered. A photo can be retrieved by tapping on the trash can (delete) icon. This menu can be cleared by emptying the new "Recently Deleted" album in the Photos app.


Request desktop site in Safari
 - Safari now includes an option to "Request Desktop Site," which will load the desktop version of a site rather than the mobile version.


More private search 
- Users can now opt to select DuckDuckGo as their default search option in Safari. DuckDuckGo is known for its anti-tracking stance, opting not to profile its users.

RSS feeds
 - The Shared Links section in Safari now allows users to add RSS feed subscriptions.

App Store ad blocking (beta 2)
 - According to the release notes, Safari will now block ads fromautomatically redirecting to the App Store without user interaction. Safari also includes a new pinch to tab view.

Bookmarks icon (beta 4) 
- In beta 4, Apple slightly tweaked the look of the Bookmarks icon in Safari.



Swipe to delete albums 
- It is now possible to delete albums from the music app with a left swipe. In iOS 7, it was not possible to delete an album. Left swipe delete also works in Songs and Artists.

Add songs to Playlists from other Playlists 
- Users can now add songs to Playlists from already existing Playlists. In iOS 7, it was only possible to add content from the Songs, Artists, Albums, Composers, and Genre tabs.

Automatically delete messages 
- Along with several improvements to group message management, there are now options to remove stored messages after a set period of time of 30 days or one year, which will allow users who have extensive iMessage threads to free up valuable space.

Storing photos and videos (beta 3) 
- iOS 8 beta 3 added a new option to automatically save the quick audio and video messages that were introduced with the new OS. Normally, these messages are deleted after a short period of time to save space. And in beta 4, photos and videos save settings were split into two separate options.


Quick access to recent photos
- When adding an image to a message, there's a new feature that displays recent photos for quick insertion.


Icons (beta 2)
 - Icons for the camera and the microphone in Messages are now gray rather than blue and there's a new setting to mark all messages read.


Batch save attachments 
- A new Details menu for contacts within Messages shows displays all of the photos and attachments that have been sent in a conversation. It's possible to save/delete all images at once by holding down on a single image to bring up a "More" option that allows multiple attachments to be selected at once and saved or deleted.

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