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How to bypass Whatsapp's message read

Published: 07.11.2014
Reading time: 4 minutes


Running away from somebody? Whatsapp finally tells you when your message has been read.
This can be good for some people, but bad for some people too. 

Here is one method to read message without letting the sender know you have read the message.

According to thecopypasteblog, when you received a message,

  1. Do not open up the message when you received the notification
  2. Switch off your WiFi and mobile network or switch on "airplane" mode
  3. Open Whatsapp and read the conversation
  4. When you are done, close Whatsapp and reactivate your mobile network


The sender will not be able to see the blue tick from you. This has been tested from an Android to Apple device.

Though a bit inconvenient, it can be useful in some situation.

Source: thecopypasteblog

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