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Gadgets of the yesteryear

Published: 16.09.2014
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Have you ever wondered what gadget do kids play with in the past 1 to 2 decade ago?
Without the existence of iPad, high speed internet and mobile phone, how do these people keep themselves entertained?

In this article we will bring up a few of these gadgets from the "yesteryear" that makes you a cool kid in school.



Digimon V1
I first received this as a Christmas present when I was young. This is consider as the pioneer generation of virtual pets. A palm size rectangular device with 3 buttons that can connect to other device via the top connectors and a battle will start. 

It was once rumored that if the user does not clear the waste product when the digimon is in its initial stage, it will grow into a teddymon (strongest digimon).

For the hardcore fans, we will try out various "cheat code". By inserting cutout bus/mrt card to a slot on the bottom, it will reset the device and there will be a combination of buttons to press and by a stroke of luck, a strong digimon will be born.

This device is no longer in production and the value of one device is 10 to 20 times of its retail value.


Tamagotchi is one of the earliest version of virtual pet available in the 90s. Its a favorite among the girls. This device holds a digital pet which the user will feed and take care of it. The pet will go through different stages of growth and the outcome will different depending on how the user take care of the pet. 


Back in the 90s, when mp3 player has yet to be invented, we have portable CD/Cassette player that are also called Walkman or Discman. The function of these Walkman or Discman is similar to an iPod now. But the differences is, instead of a built in storage space, a CD or cassette is played directly from the Discman. 

The Discman/Walkman is powered by AA batteries which means replacement of battery on the go is easy and convenient since AA batteries are available at most store.


Game Boy
The Game Boy is a portable video game console developed and manufactured by Nintendo in the late 80s. Some of the popular games played using this game console includes Super Mario and the Pokemon series.

The first series of Game Boy is only available in black and white and games are played from an inserted game cartridge. Instead of a brightness adjustment, users can only adjust the contrast. 


Super Joy aka all-in-one or 101 games
Super Joy is a very popular TV console game in the past. Besides being affordable, Super Joy is very compact as the controller is the console itself. Pluck it into the TV and you are ready to rock!

Super Joy always comes pre-loaded with plenty of different games which makes it value for money. Its always available for sale at a nearby pasar malam. 

Have you owned any of these gadgets from the "yesteryear" before or you have more retro gadgets to share?
Feel free to share it on the comments below! 

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