Cyberdyne HAL5: Groundbreaking technology that enable the disable to walk again!


The Hybrid Assisted Limb (HAL) is a cyborg-type robot by which the wearer’s body functions can be improved, supported and enhanced. HAL works by fusing Man, Machine and Information which allows a physically challenged person to move and exert more motor energy than usual.

The HAL-5 exoskeleton robotics suit invented by Tokyo-based company Cyberdyne, can enable ordinary people to have more power and more energy such as lifting a heavy object.

Robotics pioneer Yoshiyuki Sankai of Cybernics who won MIT’s Inventor of the Week award for Hal-5 said:
“We’d like to use the same technology to support both care-giving and heavy duties in factories, such systems could be connected to interactive IT through game machines.”

When the user wants to walk, signal is transmitted from the brain to muscles via our nerves. The muscles will received these signals and proceed to execute the action. HAL-5 then picks up these signal from the user’s skin and move as intended.
This mechanism allow the brain to learn and  interpret on what type of signal to send and assist the walking which leads to the important step for physically challenged person. 


The suit seen in Tom Cruise’s Edge of tomorrow might be possible in the near future!

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