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12 Things You Probably Don't Know About Xiaomi Mi3

Published: 25.08.2014
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Getting your hand on the latest XiaoMi Mi3 is not easy as it can sell out within minutes of its release. But if you manage to get one, congrats! 

Here are 12 tips that you might not know regarding your new Mi3 phone and how you can fully utilize it.

1. All apps in MiUi are gathered at the main interface together with widget as MiUi does not have an app drawer. While Android can quit all applications that are still running at the background with a long press on the menu button, MiUi users can choose which applications they still wish to run and quit the rest.

2. The MiUi lockscreen also has multiple functions. If your screen is unlocked, a long press at HOME button can activate the LED light at the back. A double tap on the lockscreen will bring you to music controller menu. Got an unread SMS? Tap the centre of the screen and the message will come out.

3. MiUi's call interface looks as similar as Android but it offers additional function. When making a call, users can opt to write a note and record the conversation in an MP3 format.

4. MiUi's messaging application seems normal but it has an ability to ensure important messages are always on top by using its pin. Most importantly, MiUi has a Private Messaging function, which allows users to hide sensitive messages with the use of password. Select your contacts into Private Messaging and set a password. The function can be accessed by dragging down the Messaging interface several times.

5. Xiaomi's priority in creating Mi3 is the function of its camera. Besides using BSI Sony 13MP sensor, Xiaomi completes it with a  powerful software. Users can choose different modes like Panorama, Filter and HDR to have pictures in rich, beautiful colours. Its audio function allows the camera to snap pictures from a distance by making a loud noise. The camera software is also completed with automatic QR code reader. It will automatically read and interpret QR-code upon detection. Meanwhile, the Advance mode allows users to control the white-balance and other normal SLR functions.

6. Not-to-forget, the front camera has special functions too. It comes with an ability to detect gender and age, and subsequently chooses the right filter to enhance pictures. Good news for selfie lovers as no editing needed before posting pictures in social network!

7. MiUi has added on a safety function with its security application package. Its Data Usage app enables users to control the data quota according to applications. The permission to use data through Wifi or Mobile can be controlled in each application. The statistics of data usage can be seen in each application.

8. The Permission application controls what apps are allowed to use the appliance device. Each function such as making or receiving calls, reading callers list and detecting location can be controlled according to application. Applications can also be stopped from operating everytime the phone is switched on.

9. The Power application helps users control battery usage to ensure longer battery life. It gives indication on the expected battery life while charging. Users can also opt to use selected functions when battery life is draining. This option can be automatically activated according to battery life percentage. It can also be fixed according to time, such as on sleep mode. The battery's interface can also be choosen from picture to numbers or just a straight green line.

10. The Cleaner Application helps to clean and delete unused data, especially ads and cache.

11. MiUi has its own Backup application. Users can create a backup and saves it somewhere else, such as in a laptop. This backup can be used if the gadget faces problems in the future. Each function can be reinstalled with Backup.

12. Users are also given an option to store their data at MiCloud storage. Users can keep their contact books, pictures, messages and also wifi settings. When "Find My Device" function is activated, users can lock, find or delete all data in the gadget using web access. They can be accessed through http://i.mi.com.

Source: Yahoo

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