Feng Shui to improve lottery luck


Lottery like 4D or Toto are very common in Singapore. But do you know, according to a Taiwan Feng Shui Master, you can improve your lottery luck by choosing a good outlet to buy. 

Maybe this […]

12 Android Apps That Will Make Your iPhone Friends Jealous


Picture http://www.businessinsider.sg

This app allows you to design your own widget for your homescreen. You can choose from skins to types of widget displays to options for text to images, weather, clocks, calendar, battery info, missed […]

Indian Entrepreneur Taps into a Global Offline Market


Deepak Ravindran, founder of Innoz, is making his offline search platform open source.

Innoz is an offline search platform for people without connections to the internet which allows normal phones to become smartphones.

Innoz was developed when […]

Muzik: Smart Headphones


Muzik is officially launching sales of its wireless “smart” headphone and is seeking $10 million in funding.

It first started in 2012 with $700,00 of funding from 4 investors. 

The Muzik headphones have touch controls at the side with […]

Flying robotic waiters in Singapore soon


Infinium-Serve, the flying robotic waiters will be launched in Singapore by the end of 2015.

Timbre Group and Infinium Robotics have signed a memorandum of understanding on October 31 to launch the robots in the 5 Timbre outlets. 


Best features of the iOS 8 shown on new Apple Ad


In the new Apple Ad, the newest features is shown: the ability to make and receive calls from any Apple devices.

Any Apple device near you will be able to pick up a call and this […]

SMS virus: Is this your photo?


Recently a SMS virus is circulating around the smartphone community. Smartphones running on Android are affected by this virus when clicked. 

Users will received a SMS with the message “Is this your photo?” and an attached […]

Ultra Mini Portable Charger


Winner of design concept for Red Dot Award 2014, designer Tsung Chih-Hsien has created a ultra mini portable charger which can be recharged and recycled at any convenience shop where they are bought from.

The mini power is […]

Are you ready for Apple Watch?


According to Apple’s website, the WatchKit Developer toolkit has been release which allows Developers to start integrating the Smart Watch into their app.  The Xcode beta has been release for the development of the WatchKit […]

Smartphone that prints selfies in seconds


A French company, Prynt, has recently developed a new smartphone case which prints selfies from the phone itself. The case has a built in printer and is connected to the phone by Bluetooth. It is […]