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Women dies after passing through airport scanner

Published: 27.11.2014
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Diana Tolstova, 30, was traveling with her husband from Baikal International Airport in Russia where she collapsed after passing through the security scanner.

She complained about feeling dizzy and collapsed. The security scanner has cause her pacemaker to malfunction and electromagnetic waves are believed to have caused the glitch.

Patients with pacemakers are advised to avoid being near metal detectors. If handheld metal detector is used, the device should not be near the pacemaker more than necessary, patients should request for another form of personal search.

The incident is still under investigation and an airport representative has responded that:
“Security and airport personnel are given strict instructions about how to handle people with pacemakers, and we warn them never to let a wearer go through a metal detector.

In normal circumstances, they see their papers and let them pass. In this case, the patient seems to either have forgotten about it, didn’t know or became confused by the airport security, but every patient receives a strict warning.”

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