Viral Video: Hong Kong protester’s plea for help


Glacier Kwong, the student feature in the video is making an appeal to the rest of the world to help her country.

“As a Hongkonger standing here in Wan Chai, I ask all of you from all over the world: please help us,” she said.
“You are born with democracy choices and have free election rights, but we don’t. Please help us. Please spread the news all over the world”.

Pepper spray and tear gas were used against the students protesting Beijing’s decision to limit democracy reforms in Hong Kong. 

In 2007, the Chinese government promise to give Hong Kong more freedom and democracy in 2017 but there are signs that the Chinese government might break its promise. 

During August, Beijing announced its plan for Hong Kong’s 2017 elections which allow citizens to vote for candidates who are approved by pro-Beijing committee. This group of candidates is hand-pick by the pro-Beijing committee which is anti-democratic. 

Thus this lead to the protest of the students against the 2017 elections where they want freedom and democracy where can they choose who to lead Hong Kong.

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