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Chinese National Allegedly tried to take over $40 million assets of 87 year old widow -Singapore

Published: 03.09.2014
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Police had to be called to a bungalow yesterday after a seven hour heated stand-off  between a 34 year old PRC lady and the family of an 87 year old Singaporean widow.

The dispute started after the PRC woman refused to leave the $30 million bungalow. The bungalow is
owned by 87 year old Chung Khin Chun and the younger woman had moved into the house about last year and had not been paying any rent.

The whole saga started in 2008 when Mdm Chung had gone to China on a holiday and had met Mr Yang Yin, the husband of the 34 year old PRC woman, who was then working as a tour guide.

Mr Yang and Mdm Chung became close and in 2009, Mr Yang moved into the bungalow in Gerald Crescent. However, he then allegedly took over all of Mdm Chung's assets worth over $40 million and moved his family into her house too.

Shortly afterward, Mdm Chung's niece, a 60 year old travel agency owner, Hedy Mok, started court proceedings against Mr Yang to try and revoke his guardianship of her aunt.

Mdm Mok had filed an affidavit in court last month claiming that Mr Yang has sole control over Mdm Chung's assets and welfare and he has neglected her. She explained that she feared for her aunt's safety
and well-being and accused Mr Yang of manipulating the elderly lady for his own benefit.

She accused Mr Yang, Mrs Yang and their two children, aged 2 and 8, of trespassing and she called the police to the bungalow shortly after 2pm yesterday afternoon.

After a 7 hour standoff between the niece and the PRC family, Mrs Yang agreed to leave the house but she also explained that Mdm Chung had invited her husband and their family to live with her.

Mrs Yang explained that her husband has been diligently looking after the elderly lady for over 5 years. Currently, he is away on a trip in Japan and she is looking after the elderly lady.

Mdm Mok has filed evidence in court that Mr Yang and his family are exploiting Mdm Chung's trust and are manipulating her. Court documents have shown that Mr Yang has been getting Mdm Chung to transfer money to his accounts in China. What started as a one-off $4,000 transfer became multiple transfers with the largest amount being a $40,000 transfer.

Mr Yang also got Mdm Chung to pay for his English courses in Singapore which cost over $4,000 as well as taking $1000 a month from Mdm Chung as an allowance.
Mdm Mok has accused Mr Yang of manipulating her aunt and dishonestly taking money from her.

Mdm Chung is a wealthy retired physiotherapist who's late husband was a GP. She has no children and is very wealthy.

Her husband died in May of 2007 and a year afterward is when she went on a holiday to China where she met Mr Yang. After they met, they kept in touch and used to have long phone conversations together.
Mr Yang visited Singapore for the first time in 2009 and later obtained PR and got Mdm Chung to appoint him as her legal guardian using the Mental Capacity Act in 2012.

This left Mr Yang as the sole guardian of all Mdm Chung's assets worth over $40 million.

For the past 2 week, Mdm Chung has been living with her niece, Mdm Mok after she took her out of the bungalow fearing her well being.
Mdm Chung is now very old and is having trouble remembering dates and details of events.

During the tense standoff at the house yesterday, she was sitting in Mdm Mok's car outside oblivious to the dispute happening inside. 

Source: therealsingapore

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