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Pedestrians Encouraged to share Umbrellas

Published: 13.10.2014
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An initiative by Boxrella, supported by the Singapore Kindness Movement and SMRT Corporation and as part of Nee Soon Town Council GRC’s two-year long gracious living campaign, was launched earlier this afternoon to encourage the public to share umbrellas with those who have forgotten to bring theirs on rainy days.

There are times when the rain catches the pedestrians off guard. However, when needed, they are sometimes too shy to ask or offer to share umbrellas. In order to encourage sharing of umbrellas across short distances, Umbrella Sharing floor decals will be introduced at 11 locations within Nee Soon Zone from October 2014 to January 2015. Through this initiative, it is hoped that members of public could overcome their shyness, and neighbourliness could then be promoted among the society.

Associate Professor Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim, Chairman for Nee Soon Town Council said: "Nee Soon Town Council launched the Gracious Living Campaign in hopes of making graciousness a way of living and reducing the fear of embarrassment from offering a complete stranger help. A kinder and more gracious society was what Singaporeans wanted, based on Our Singapore Conversation. These Umbrella Sharing decals will be useful in "breaking the ice" and facilitating that first conversation between strangers. I thank those involved in making this happen and look forward to seeing more of them throughout Nee Soon."

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