Cricket umpire dies after been hit by ball


Hillel Oscar (center of picture), 60, was a former captain of the Israeli cricket national team. He was umpiring a match in Ashdod when he was hit by a fatal blow from the cricket ball.

Steve […]

South Korea to ban and fine selfie sticks and monopod


Selling an unregistered version of Monopod, also known as selfie stick, can get you fined US$27,000 (S$33,758) fine or up to three years in prison in South Korea.

The reason for this ban is those with Bluetooth […]

Women dies after passing through airport scanner


Diana Tolstova, 30, was traveling with her husband from Baikal International Airport in Russia where she collapsed after passing through the security scanner.

She complained about feeling dizzy and collapsed. The security scanner has cause her […]

The New and Best JURASSIC WORLD You Have To Watch


Unexpectely, the Jurassic World trailer that was due to be released on Thanksgiving Thursday, has suddenly been yesterday, as tweeted by director Colin Trevorrow and producer Frank Marshall! Watch it 100 times below.

9 new bicycle bays to deter theft


9 new bicycle bays will be available island-wide which will deter theft. 

The bicycle bays, designed by 3 students from Lasalle College of the Arts, allows cyclists to lock both wheels and the frame securely together […]

CEO sits behind his own products and gets shot with AK-47


Ever thought of shooting your own boss? For an employee of Texas Armored car company, he gets the privilege to do so.

In order to proof how tough their product were, the CEO of Texas Armored […]

Author of “Choose Your Own Adventure” books has passed away


“Choose Your Own Adventure” is no stranger to many adults now, it is a long-running series of children’s book which allows the reader to choose from dozen of possible story ending. The co-author and publisher, […]

Weird chicken song trending in China


After the recent wave of “Little Apple” song hit China, a new song by Rollin called 小雞小雞 (Little Chick) has begin trending in China.

Both song claimed they are the “Gangnam Style” of China, what do you […]

Man charge with $1,520 for excess internet use on-board SIA


A SIA passenger was charged about $1,520 for his internet usage during a flight from London to Singapore on Thursday, 12 Nov. 

Mr Jeremy Gutsche, CEO of online magazine, purchase a 30mb internet OnAir for […]

Man stabbed at Raffles place


A stabbing incident had took place near UOB Plaza at Raffles Place about 1.05pm today (14 Nov). 

A snatch thief stole a laptop from a man and he give chase. The man manage to catch up […]