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OCBC Bank Charged Annual Fee when woman terminate card. -Singapore

Published: 15.09.2014
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This is an article written by an OCBC credit card user to The Real Singapore. She was charged for annual fee when she terminate her card. Are there any guidelines or control measures to this? 

Dear The Real Singapore,

I would like to alert your readers to the bullying and scamming tactics of OCBC Bank.

2 years ago they told me I qualified for their Elite World Card and sent it to me free of charge. I have only used the card once in these 2 years. This July they sent me a statement asking me to pay an annual fee of $1605. I did not want to pay such a huge sum as I barely used the card so I told them to either waive the annual fee or terminate the card. I received a SMS from my relationship manager informing me that the annual fee cannot be waived so can she proceed to terminate the card. I gave her the go ahead and she told me a staff from the call centre would call me to get my authorisation for the card termination.

I received a call from a 'Foreign Talent' staff of the call centre asking me to confirm if I would like to terminate the card and I said yes and asked her if this meant that I can disregard the bill for the annual fee.


She insisted that because the fee cannot be waived so it means that I still have to pay the annual fee even if the card is terminated. This is ridiculous! Why do I have to pay the any fee when I am terminating the card and not utilising any of the services that come with the card? I tried explaining this to her and telling her how illogical it was that I am still liable to pay the annual fee. She insisted that I had to pay and said that my relationship manager had told her clearly that the annual fee cannot be waived.

She kept asking me if she can proceed with the termination and I told her why should I terminate it if I still have to pay the annual fee? She failed to realise how illogical she sounded and was only interested in getting me to confirm the card termination. I was really upset and told her I did not want to speak to her and she should get a senior officer to call me instead.

Credits: TheRealSingapore

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