Northpoint Shopping Centre: 4 year old dies after eating contaminated food


A 4 year old boy had pass away after consuming contaminated food bought from a nasi padang stall at kopitiam food court from north point.

His mother and 2 year old sister were diagnosed with food poisoning as well. The incident happen on 19 Jan 2014.  The 3 of them went to Bukit Batok Polyclinic the next day upon feeling discomfort and the boy, Shayne, was severely dehydrated.

His condition deteriorated 2 days later and was found unconscious at home. He die in hospital 2 hours later from Salmonella Septicaemia. 

The stall was inspected and found out that food was not properly covered and a food handler was not registered.

Upon closer inspection, the concentration of bacteria on the tongs used to handle food exceeded the safety limits.

The stall was suspended for 3 weeks and the owner has to clean his stall thoroughly. 

Source: Straitstime

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