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Published: 11.09.2014
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Americans love roller coasters — until something goes wrong.
Attention turned to amusement park safety after the Brooklyn based Coney Islands recently opened Thunderbolt II roller coaster derailed. 8 were injured as a result of the accident. On September 5th A mistake made by a new employee that was not properly trained to operate the ride is what lead to the incident.

“They never explained in detail what the different control speeds were. The guy training me on the settings for each ride was late for work that day.” Recalls  Anthony Rodriguez.

“The manager for the day put me in charge of a ride I was never trained for and I explained that to him, but he just said I would get the hang of things while walking away.  The speed settings were listed as ‘classic’ ‘modern’ ‘max’ ‘fast’ needless to say I was a little confused. I chose classic, and I guess that was a huge mistake.”

We caught up with the creator of the Thunderbolt II, Fredrick Monroe, for more information on the control scheme of the roller coaster.

“The classic setting was created to experience what it was like to experience the original Thunderbolt , It was a different time then, there were no real safety regulations, and the patrons were ultimately the testers of all the rides. The speed of classic are even faster than the max setting and the latching of the car is looser to simulate the rockiness of the original wooden coaster.”

When we told him what had occurred he declined further comment.

Luckily for the people riding the coaster the new Steeplechase pool. pictured below is in direct trajectory of where the car derailed off the track


of the 8 injured 3 were in the pool at the time of the accident. There were no fatalities.

Here is a user submitted video of the incident.

After 60 years of the original Thunderbolt sitting idle in Coney Island, The Thunderbolt II may now share the same fate. No arrests have been made at this time.

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