Japanese horror game franchise, Fatal Frame, coming to screen


Fatal Frame, Tecomo’s survival horror game that has been on almost every console since the PlayStation is now coming to the big screen. 

The game is based on a heroine who use Camera Obscura which can photograph spirits and banish them.


The movie is set to release on 23rd October in cinema in Singapore. 

The plot will be based on a novel Fatal Frame: A Curse Affecting Only Girls.

The story which takes place at a school dorm is about a girl name Aya.

One day, students began to disappear mysteriously and they were found drowned. It was then rumored that they heard Aya’s voice after looking at a photo.

Michi then decided to investigate and take the matter onto her own hands.

Check out the trailer below, are you ready?

Photo credit : jackincongruente & GV

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