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James Bond underwater jet used for cocaine smuggling

Published: 11.11.2014
Reading time: 4 minutes


About £16m of cocaine were found under the rudder space of a of a ship in Scotland.

There were more than 50 packages of high quality cocaine which weigh about 180 kg. 4 Dutch men were planning to transport them from the cape Maria vessel using scuba diving equipment and a underwater scooter, seabob, which is usually seen in "James Bond" movie.

The Seabob costs around £12,500 and can travel down to depths of 130ft at 10mph. 

The Seabob was described to the jury by Mitchell: "You might have seen them used by James Bond and James Bond's adversaries. It's the kind of thing you use if you need to travel underwater at high speed."

The Seabob can seen seen in the James Bond movie, "Thunderball".

A nearby ship was also raided at the same time and 148kg of cocaine were found.

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