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Father hospitalized after 40 days hunger strike

Published: 21.08.2014
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Kim Young-Oh was hospitalized on Friday after going on the 40 days hunger strike to demand a full independent inquiry on the South Korea's ferry disaster. He lost his 16 year old daughter when the ferry capsized in April. There were about 325 high school students from Danwon High School on board that day.

Kim Young-Oh who was protesting in Seoul's central Gwanghwamun Square was sent to hospital. 

"He was in a dangerous state this morning, although he insisted he would continue his protest," the spokesman said. Kim had been taking only water and salts.

The Sewol ferry capsized on April 16 with the loss of 300 lives and most of them were high school student on a trip to Jeju Island.

Relatives of the victims have been camping at Gwanghwamun for weeks to parliament to pass legislation setting up a full, independent inquiry. The bill is currently stuck in the National Assembly, with ruling and opposition parties deadlocked over what legal powers any inquiry should be given.

The disaster was blamed on the failing of regulatory and official incompetence.

15 Sewol crew members are on trial including the captain and 3 senior officers with charges arising from the fact that they abandon the ferry while passengers are still on board. They were accused of 
"homicide through wilful negligence". A charge which carry the death penalty. 

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