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First "Pedestrian Night" held in Orchard successful

Published: 05.10.2014
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About 3000 people turn up at Orchard Road for its first "Pedestrian Night". About 660 meters of Orchard road is barricade up at 7pm. The theme of the first "Pedestrian Night" is tennis thus many mini tennis court were set up to allow the crowd to play.

This is the first out of six "Pedestrian Night" planned for Orchard road which will happen from October 2014 to March 2015 next year. 

For every first Saturday of the month, Orchard road will be closed for "Pedestrian Night". 

The event was welcomed and enjoyed by many people as it was an unique experience to be walking on the road in the shopping district.

If you missed the first "Pedestrian Night", don't worry, remember to note down on your calendar as the next "Pedestrian Night" will happen on 1st November 2014 (Every first Saturday of the month).
The theme will be Yoga.

Photos credit : ST PHOTO NG SOR LUAN

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