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First man-made soft landing on a comet in human history

Published: 12.11.2014
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European Space Agency has sent out its spacecraft, Rosetta, to land on comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. 

Philae, a smaller spacecraft on-board Rosetta, had manage to detach and land safety on the comet making the first in history. 

As the gravity on the comet is very low, harpoon are needed to attach Philae to the comet for stability. Philae may have landed not once but twice according to ESA.

The  team behind this project believes that Philae may have bounced from the surface and settled again at a different place and anchoring harpoons did not fire.

Picture Size of comet compared to LA

The $1.58 billion Rosetta mission gives scientists a chance to study the surface of the comet and the ancient material that predates the birth of the solar system. The data collected will be able to give more details on how the solar system is formed.

Images from the Philae has been beamed back to mission control with dramatic landscape of pits and craters.


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