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Fake Jia Duo Bao (China Herbal tea) circulating in Singapore

Published: 15.10.2014
Reading time: 5 minutes

Picture Remember to look for the sticker paste on the underside to identify a genuine product

Jia Duo Bao drink, a China Herbal tea, is no stranger to many people as the sponsor of a popular reality talent show, Voice of China.

Wanting to capitalized on this popularity, 4 perpetrators were caught resealing more than 2500 cans of Jia Duo Bao with their own mix from southern Guangdong.

The fake Jia Duo Bao has been sold in Singapore for some time and Singapore authorities are investigating the sale of fake Jia Duo Bao from China.

Mr Wu Guoliang, marketing development manager of Jia Duo Bao Singapore said that the only way consumers can identify a genuine drink is by checking the underside of the can to look for a sticker. Cans without stickers are believed to be a fake product. Jia Duo Bao Singapore is the only sole distributor here

AVA will not hesitate to take action against any party who are selling the fake drink and will ensure restaurants, coffee shops and importers will follow proper food safety.

Consumers must ensure that they are consuming the right drink as sellers will continue to sell the fake Jia Duo Bao due to its low prices.

Source: Soshiok

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