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Dog gives up life to save 6 commuters 

Published: 14.09.2014
Reading time: 3 minutes


What it seems like a normal day to the people who are catching a train back home after work until an Indian mongrel scarified his life to save them. 

Unknown to the 6 commuters, a live wire has snapped from an electrical line which falls onto a puddle of water. 

A few meters away, an Indian mongrel tried to warn them  to stay out of the puddle of water but he was ignored. When the commuters paid no attention to the barking, the Indian mongrel decided to leap into the puddle of water and was electrocuted, saving the 6 commuters from stepping into it. 

The dog left behind a litter of 10-days-old pups which were then adopted by the residents of the area.

Dogs are indeed man's best friend even when the dog has no relation to them. What an act of ultimate heroic sacrifice.

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