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Die-hard fans hold Running Man-style pre-wedding gatecrash- Singapore

Published: 05.09.2014
Reading time: 6 minutes


Ailyn (A member of Stomp) shared a video of die-hard Running Man fans from Singapore who themed their pre-wedding gatecrash after the popular Korean program.
The video went viral after being uploaded on facebook and YouTube by AlanMitchi Productions, who shot the clip for the couple, Sean and Pris.

In it, the groom, groomsmen, bride and bridesmaids take part in games similar to those featured on the Running Man show.
If the male team won, they did not have to do the gatecrash activities before the wedding.
If the female team won, they could choose the gatecrash games the males had to go through.
And the guys were put through some challenging gatecrash challenges after losing at the Running Man style contest.

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