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Desperate for iPhone, Shanghai uni student rents out his GF

Published: 19.09.2014
Reading time: 6 minutes


A man in Shanghai has took being materialistic to a whole new level. In order to get the new iPhone 6 he is genuinely offering his girlfriend out at hourly rates.
The man advertised his girlfriend using a hand written sign outside Songjiang University campus which soon attracted a lot of attention.

The sign read: “Sharing girlfriend for pocket money. 10RMB (2SGD)per hour, 50RMB (10SGD) per day, 500RMB (100SGD) a month. If you are interested, connect to personal hotspot ‘wifi sharing master’ to check out the girlfriend.” How romantic.

The boyfriend even provided her full profile including height, weight and even her name, Xiao Ai. He explained to the ‘gentlemen’ interested that they were only allowed to take her for meals, no ‘OOXX’ which we can depict as ‘funny business’. He also stated in the profile that “Service items include but are not restricted to: eating together, studying together, saving seats (in libraries/classrooms), three-person dates. Fees generated during dates should be split.” He clearly has some morals.

It’s unknown whether anyone took him up on the offer but it’s clear there was a lot of interest from the public. What’s more shocking is that the girlfriend was in on this ridiculous plan.

She must really like apple products.

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