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Customer engulfed by flames after waitress pours fuel on grill at Zhejiang restaurant

Published: 05.09.2014
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Two customers and a waitress at a barbecue restaurant in Wenzhou, Zhejiang province were rushed to an emergency room after the waitress poured liquid alcohol over the grill, causing it to burst into high flames which completely engulfed one of the customers.

The female customer, 20-year-old Xiao Qian, suffered the most severe injuries, with 78 percent of her skin damaged by the fire. Her schoolmate, 20-year-old Xiao Qing, was also injured by the flames, and the 18-year-old waitress Xiao Shan bears the least severe burns among the three, according to Sina.

Xiao Qian and Xiao Qing, both about to begin their sophomore year at a university in Wenzhou, were seated at the barbecue bar Haorizi in their hometown Yiwu when Xiao Qing beckoned the waitress to add more fuel to the grill at their table.

As Xiao Shan poured the liquid directly over the grill, Xiao Qing tried to stop her, but giant flames had already broken out. Xiao Shan suddenly threw the alcohol bottle away from herself and it landed on Xiao Qian, who was instantly consumed by flames.

Guests at other tables came to help extinguish the flames with their clothing, but she still sustained burns all over her body.

Doctors said Xiao Qian is still in critical condition.

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