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Cricket umpire dies after been hit by ball

Published: 02.12.2014
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Hillel Oscar (center of picture), 60, was a former captain of the Israeli cricket national team. He was umpiring a match in Ashdod when he was hit by a fatal blow from the cricket ball.

Steve Leigh, the Deputy Chairman of the Israeli Cricket Association told CNN:
"Midway through the first innings a ball was driven fiercely back towards the umpire (by the batsman).

It hit the stumps and ricocheted but as Hillel tried to move out of the way the ball followed him and he was hit in the chest or just under the chin, it is still unclear exactly where. 

He collapsed immediately and according to witnesses who were there he may have had a heart attack."

Emergency services manage to resuscitate him but he later died in the hospital.

Fatal incidents in cricket are extremely rare but a similar accident happened 5 years ago in Wales when an umpire was hit in the head by a ball. 

The Israel Cricket Association is giving its full cooperation to the official to investigate the incident.

Source: CNN

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