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Changi Airport's Terminal 1 car park to close in 4th quarter of 2014

Published: 27.09.2014
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Changi Airport's Terminal 1 car park which consisted of 850 open-air lots will be closed for construction of Changi’s Project Jewel complex.

The Jewel complex will have a total gross floor area of 134,000 sq m and cost about $1.47 billion to build. 70% of the complex will be retail shopping with an underground car park of 2,500 lots. The complex will also link up terminal 1, 2 and 3 and Changi Airport MRT station.

The construction is expected to be done by 2018 and in the meanwhile, drivers heading to terminal 1 will have to park their vehicle at terminal 2 carpark. 

As there is a significant decrease in parking space due to the construction, the parking fee will be made more expensive if drivers plan to park their cars at the airport for extended period of time. 

The initial $20 parking cap will be removed and drivers will need to pay up to $60 for a day worth of parking.

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