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Cancer patient's dying wish to see her horse

Published: 10.11.2014
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A British cancer patient, Shelia Marsh, 77, of Bickershaw, Wigan worked at Haydock Park Racecourse since her 20s.

When she was hospitalized with cancer and had a short time to live, she revealed she had 3 final wishes.

Her daughter, Tina Marsh, 33, revealed that:
"She wanted to see her favourite horse Bronwen one last time. She loved that horse with everything she had. Her other wishes were to see her dog Poddy, whom she had owned for 13 years. And to see me and my father speaking again, because we hadn't spoken for years."

Poddy, her dog for 13 years, came to visit her at the hospital. The dog rested at the foot of her hospital bed with her.

As for the horse, special arrangement were made and Marsh was able to see her 2 beloved horses, including Bronwen. Nurses brought Marsh to the parking lot where she had one last visit with her special friends.

"It was a beautiful moment", recalled infirmary nurse Gail Taylor. "The horse walked steadily towards Sheila and bent down tenderly and kissed her on the cheeks as they said their last goodbyes. She had her for about 18 to 19 years from Bronwen being seven."

Sheila Marsh passed away in her hospital room shortly after Bronwen's visit.

Source: jezebel

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