Author of “Choose Your Own Adventure” books has passed away


“Choose Your Own Adventure” is no stranger to many adults now, it is a long-running series of children’s book which allows the reader to choose from dozen of possible story ending. The co-author and publisher, R.A. Montgomery, had passed away in his home in Vermont, age 78 and the cause of death was not disclosed.

“Choose Your Own Adventure” books were a very important influence to the creation of online games that allowed users to role play to determine the outcome. Some of his work can be seen below.

He was an early owner of an Apple II. He helped to adapt two “Choose Your Own Adventure” books as games for the Atari console in 1984. He was then “evangelized” by Apple Computer in 1990 to develop software for CD-Rom on the Macintosh. His most notable project from this era was a creativity tool for kids entitled Comic Creator that he designed and produced with his wife, Shannon Gilligan.

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