12 Red cards in an Argentina football match


A brawl involving football players broke out in an Argentine lower division football match with 12 red cards issued in total. The match was later suspended and riot police was called in.

The match between Deportivo Roca and Cipolletti in Group One of the Torneo Federal A, went out of control after 2 players were sent off for a clash.

Feeling sore, Cipolletti’s defender Marcos Lamolla ran to the other end of the pitch and square off with Fernando Fernandez from Deportivo Roca. This led to more protest and scuffle and soon a fight broke off.

Video of the game was posted online showing how the incident took place and referee Facundo Espinosa will sent off 10 further players who are involved in the fight. They will be named in his official report.

In response, Roca coach Diego Landeiro said: 
“Both teams’ players were disgraceful, they didn’t behave like professionals. It was a disgrace and it means lots of work down the drain. I’m very bitter.”

Source: Yahoosports

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