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Watch This: She Was Invited To Her Own Funeral, Watch their Reaction.(VIDEO)

Published: 05.10.2014
Reading time: 5 minutes


What's your reaction when you were supposed to meet up with a friend but ended up in a funeral? The more shocking truth is that you're attending a funeral of someone that you know very well and so close to..

NOTE: For English subtitles, make sure to click 'CC' in the bottom right hand corner of the video player.

In this incredible clip by “Go For Zero”, five different people were set up by their friends for something completely unexpected. Instead of meeting up to hang out, they arrived at a funeral, surrounded by people they know and love. Immediately, they realize what’s going on. They are at their own funeral, they are the “deceased” who people are heartbroken about.

Can you imagine what this does to a person? Their friends and family hope that this eerie invention is enough to scare them straight. These are not actors faking it for the camera, these are real people who are worried about the people you see in this video. By the end, we realize that they are reckless drivers who endanger themselves and everyone else on the road.

Maybe you know someone who could really benefit from seeing this video? Maybe you can save that person’s life.

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Credits: PetFlow

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